Friday, July 20, 2007

Holistic learning

Learning is what makes a person resourceful. Human resources in the recent times have been of far greater importance and profounder effect than any other resources. Countries like Japan and Singapore with hardly any natural resources are today among the most coveted lands. China and India are carving their place in the global map. There is exuberant outflow of talents and skills from these countries to the developed nations. Bill Gate once suggested to the President of USA to increase the issuance of visa to e-talents from this corner of the world or raise the level of IT education in local educational centers lest US will have to pay heavily.

Not only IT rather every field of knowledge is growing rapidly widening the scope of both quality and quantity work of diverse nature.

It is not degrees that hold as much value as the matured, skilled and trained persons. At institutions for professional courses academic results and high percentage are secondary to problem solving skills personal and above all sterling intellectual habits like perseverance, tolerance, smartness, alertness, hard work, commitment that ensure success, progress, recognition and reward.

Thus learning is not confined to knowing what, where, when, which, how and why of the things or phenomena around us. It needs to develop ability to use right information, at right time, in right proportion, at right place, for right purpose, to right effect. To achieve this, a holistic learning and teaching program is required that address the wholesome needs of human personality and aim to make a complete man or a complete woman.

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