Monday, July 23, 2007

Seeking too much help blunts thinking

The word thought is used in the sense of scattered ideas in the mind, imagination, belief and deliberate mental activity. It is the last sense that is most important for those keen to see their kids develop intelligent and smart personality. The deliberate mental focus is mostly triggered on when an individual is caught in problem and crisis and tries to come out of it with his own effort when no one is there to guide him, to help him out or to solve his problem. Human mind is always at its best when the human being is entangled in webs and nets. It shakes every part of it to find a solution to his problem. The first thing that helps him out is his memory that reminds him of similar situation when certain strategy was worked out for him or some one else who told him how he got out. He instantly applies the same tactic and gets out. If nothing found in the memory he tries to find out the cause of his problem which might be in singular or plural. If in plural he has to decide priority in the order of most likely cause first followed by less then lesser then least. Then he thinks of options open to him and tries the best option first and manages to get out of crisis. Thus he learns how to intelligently solve the problems. So, in order to inculcate the habit of getting out of traps it is necessary to expose kids to some sort of problems and watch him solve by himself. Providing too much help blunts the edge of his thinking power. Therefore we should create interests in kids to play games which require a lot of thinking. Even at home along with indoor games puzzles; mind teasers, riddles etc, need to be encouraged so that mental strengths get stronger.

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