Saturday, July 28, 2007

Need to limit subjects of study to the least possible number

Specialization in the field of learning has undoubtedly born sweet fruits for all of us and none can dispute its importance with the growing needs as well as increase in the complex problems of life. There is always room for more researches in newer fields or unexplored aspects of life on the planet earth.

We find ample literature that emphasizes on individual potentials and suggests orienting the learners in the direction where his inner hidden capacity sees day light in full bloom.

But do all learners need to have a bit of all main branches of disciplines viz; Mathematical studies + Experimental Science + Life and Society + Arts and Crafts + Two or more languages till they pass secondary level or O’ levels? Are they really able to make use of information acquired in history when specializing in electronics? The proponents of multi-discipline curricula might defend the system arguing that different subjects help inculcate different skills and so all are equally important. But looking to what Bloom has proposed through his well known taxonomy dealing with the layers of simpler to complex to higher level thinking skills, all of these skills could be developed through any one discipline too though one might have to work a bit harder. Is not it better to explore the contents of one’s own interest again and again using different thinking process? Might this not lessen the burden of information which most of the time just pass through tender brains for examination purpose? I really do not recollect the stuff I studied in mathematics for seven years except what form the part of daily life. Such calculations even an unschooled boy masters with frequent usage.

Is not it time to teach lesser but in the best manner so that best results could be got and excellence achieved with sustained interest with least failures? Even few words of wisdom like dew drops if absorbed by receiver are enough to ensure bloom. 

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