Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spontaneity in instruction is key to excellent learning

Hot discussions are going on scripted and spontaneous lessons and the consequences they entail. Parents are curious to start their kid’s educational journey as soon as possible. Studies have become more oriented towards achievement than excellence. Achievement, they say, is necessary to get recognition and find quick placement at desired positions. But what about being a looser sooner than later because success inevitably wants excellence.

The process to educate is very complex and has many a pits and bumps on the way. Educational centers can not maintain same level of studies all the time. Students, howsoever carefully enrolled, do have individual peculiarities and tend to excel or lag behind under certain conditions. Human nature, human interests, human tendencies, surrounding circumstances, availability or on availability of facilities and opportunities, off-school life etc always pose problems for curriculum developers to make exemplary modules to cater the individual needs. One program might be a bane or a boon at the same time. Rule of equality says that equals should be treated equally. Those who are in similar circumstances need to be dealt with equality. But it is not as easy to decide whether all students in group are equal on all counts and hence the teacher has to be spontaneous in his teaching tactics.

If parents are eager to take the job of teachers with the help of scripted curriculum for kids they have to be ready to do so at their own risks. Results could be encouraging or disappointing.

I have seen my old neighbors over-estimating their small child’s ability started schooling her through pre-kinder garden stuffs and led the child in bewilderment for the rest of life. In fact they wanted their child to excel others in the locality but reversed back as the child was not ready for the dose given to it.

My 25 years experience in the field of education suggests that scripted curriculum helps provide just the general parameters and launching pads for the teachers and trainers. It is a given teacher’s flexibility that makes him outstanding among peers and helps students develop excellence. 

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