Thursday, July 26, 2007

Separate classes for students with specific learning styles

Since time immemorial mankind has been using his power of intellect to do or get things done, to think of the ways to solve his problems, to develop newer things as necessitated and thus has been trying to make human-life better, healthier and prosperous.

Many researches have been done on the learning behaviors of learners and newer and more effective strategies are yet being evolved so that learners can learn in the best possible way. Human capacity as well as human brain and human behavior are so complex that definite answers are not yet available.

In the field of education nothing is as exact as that of physics and therefore guardians often find them in illusion as soon as they see that their wards are not picking up though very tall claims are made for a given academic program, or educational curriculum of certain institution through tempting ads and catching hoarding, widespread handbills etc.

So before hurrying to opt for a particular education center to be the training lab for your kids first ensure the learning behavior of your child and the teaching tactics and educating aids of the proposed institution and decide whether the two are compatible or not.

In most of the cases where learners turn out as successful and effective it is only because by good chance their learning styles are corresponding to the facilities, faculties, aids and methods of their school. Though different learning styles are identified as visual, aural, read-write and kinesthetic styles and trainers and teachers are often asked to decide their students’ learning behaviors and prepare their teaching materials accordingly. But how within a 40 minutes period the needs of all students could be addressed? Do not you think there need to be separate sections in school for each group with specific learning style?

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